Steam Burn

01-s27 year old female, burned on forearm with steam from a pressure cooker. First day of burn.

02Two weeks post burnt.

3Six weeks post burnt.

Acne treatment

4Acne treatment before and after with meso therapy and facial creams.

Hand Metacarpal Joints

hand1hand2Fibrosis of proximal hand metacarpal joints of both hands.

hand3hand4First treatment

hand5Second treatment

hand6Final treatment

Teeth Whitening Before and After


Second and Third Degree Burns on Face

50 year old patient with second and third degree burns on face, neck, and shoulder with hot water.

24 hours after initial burn.

Two months after initial burn with intravenous treatment and facial creams.

Stuck with Thorn from a Bush

bush170 year old patient with history of getting stuck with thorn from a bush. The lesion developed a few months later. Incision and drainage and patient was placed on anti-fungal medication. Diagnosis was Sporotrichosis Schenckii

bush2One week after incision and drainage.

bush3Two weeks after of incision and drainage.

bush4Four weeks after incision and drainage.

Cyst in Arm

cyst150 year old patient with inclusion cyst in the right arm pit day of surgery.

cyst2Post operative surgery.

cyst3One week after surgery.