Carnitine for the brain and nervous system

NaturalResearch on this acetylated derivative of L-Carnitine has centered largely on its role in maintaining brain and nerve function during aging. The acetyl group can serve as a metabolic source of acetylcholine, a brain neurotransmitter while the L-Carnitine component carries fatty acids into mitochondria of nerve, heart, and muscle cells for use in energy production. Other actions benefit membrane stability, production of nerve growth factor, and cerebral blood flow. Provided in its stable, hydrochloride form.

Suggested Use: 1 to 3 capsules daily.

Support for low stomach acidity

betaine-hciBetaine hydrochloride promotes optimal gastric acidity to support protein digestion and absorption of minerals and other nutrients. This compound provides a supplemental source of hydrochloric acid, an acidifying compound normally produced by the stomach during digestion of foods. This product should only be taken by people who have reduced level of stomach acid.

Each 648 mg capsule is equivalent to a measurement of 10 grains.

Suggested Use: 1 to 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal. Do not chew or open capsules.

Caution: Do not take if you have stomach or duodenal ulcers or are taking drugs that may cause ulcers. Do not take on empty stomach.


Digestive SupportEnzymes are specialized proteins that accelerate the speed of chemical reactions. Found in all living cells, enzymes are essential for digesting food, regulating biochemical reactions, generating energy, and repairing tissues, organs, cells. Digestive enzymes break down food into simpler molecules that can be readily absorbed. They are secreted along the entire gastrointestinal tract. Some of the best known digestive enzymes include proteases and peptidases that break down proteins into amino acids, lipases that split fats into glycerol and free fatty acids, and amylases that breaks down starch into simple sugars. Enzymes are also present in raw foods. However, cooking destroys raw food enzymes, placing the full burden of digestion on the pancreas and other organs. Various health conditions can also affect the body’s production of certain enzymes. Inadequate amounts of digestive enzymes can result in nutrient malabsorption and be associated with gas, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. Supplementing with plant or animal derived enzymes can assist breakdown of food, enhance nutrient absorption, and support normal GI function. This broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula contains over 19 enzymes and is most often chosen for maximum support during dysbiosis, malabsorption, or intestinal inflammation.

Enhanced with Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Extra Alpha-Lipoic Acid

NaturalDiabetics and others with impaired glucose tolerance are highly susceptible to the tissue-damaging effects of advanced protein glycation, a process that occurs when sugar reacts with body proteins resulting in accumulated destructive effects on blood vessels, nerves, and the lens of the eye.Cinnamon enhances insulin-signaling pathways. Turmeric phytosome contains highly bioavailable curcumin, a free radical scavenger shown to prevent AGE formation (glycation) and cross-linking of collagen. Recommended for those needing maximum support.

A crucial antioxidant in a reliable oil-based delivery system



The heart muscle, periodontal tissues, immune system, liver, kidney, brain, and other vital organs require Coenzyme Q10 to supply energy through ATP activation and to help protect them from free radical damage. Illness, aging, poor nutrient intake, and use of certain medications can result in inadequate endogenous production of CoQ10 to sustain optimal organ function. We supply pure coenzyme Q10 as ubiquinone completely solubilized in natural d-limonene oil, derived from citrus oil, and vitamin E in these convenient soft gel formulations. This unique solubilization process assists absorption of coenzyme Q10, a fat-soluble nutrient, by ensuring a source of dietary fat is present.

High potency, 50+ billion CFUs

Detox Support

Detox Support

Detox-Support delivers large amounts of specific probiotics to the intestinal tract to complement detoxification protocols such as broad-spectrum antibiotics, anti-fungal/anti-microbial medications, or heavy metal chelating agents that can compromise friendly flora. Toxins and metabolic by-products generated during use of these agents can exacerbate intestinal dysbiosis and disturb the healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Detox-Support provides two colonizing Lactobacillus and one endogenous Bifidobacterium probiotic species that can support the body’s natural detoxification process by metabolizing or reducing the uptake of toxins in the gut thereby facilitating the elimination of toxins and by-products from the intestinal tract. Formulated with 50+ billion CFUs per capsule.

A popular combination for the joints

NaturalRecent studies show chondroitin sulfate support synthesis of cartilage tissue and inhibits cartilage-degrading enzymes. Using both chondroitin and glucosamine offers related but distinctive benefits.

Suggested Use: 1 capsule three times daily with food

Our highest -potency ultra-pure fish oil containing 70% omega 3 fatty acid content

Helamax FA

Helamax FA

Helamax-FA , our highest- potency fish oil supplement, contains 70% highly purified omega-3 fatty acids, an amount well above the usual 18% EPA and 12% DHA concentrations found in many other brands. This exceptional fish oil is preferred by both physicians and patients due to its extra-strength formulation and fresh, non-fishy taste. Advanced molecular distillation processing super concentrates the amount of EPA and DHA from fish oil for added convenience and enhanced benefit. The increased nutritional density of this oil makes it especially suitable when high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids are required to support cardiovascular, neurological, and immune functions. The potency, purity, and price of Helamax compares favorably against other high-potency, highly refined fish oil products, making it a very cost -effective choice. Our proprietary formulation process ensures removal of residual fish proteins and other compounds that contributes to fishy smell and aftertaste. A natural vitamin E and rosemary oil antioxidant blend maintains stability by protecting against peroxide formation that can affect taste and reduce healthy benefits. Natural lemon flavor imparts a refreshing, hint-of-lemon taste that is enjoyed by patients and promotes compliance month after month. Each batch is analyzed by an independent, third-party laboratory to verify oil purity and omega-3 potency. Cholesterol-free.

95% polyphenol content

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Contains significantly higher amounts of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the most active catechin (polyphenol), compared to most green tea extracts. Catechin polyphenols and other compounds in green tea act in synergy to promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis.



Kerabiotic Complete is a unique combination of colonizing and transient species providing broad coverage to support a healthy balance of microflora across the entire gastrointestinal tract.

High-potency Iodine/Iodide

NaturalEssential for formation of thyroid hormones, iodine’s benefits for immune function for less well appreciated. Higher intakes such as those consumed in the Japanese diet may be required to achieve whole body sufficiency. Growing evidence suggests that RDI levels of Iodine of 150mcg daily, while beneficial for thyroid function, may be far too low to support the needs of other organs throughout the body. Instead, milligram amounts, as well as different forms of Iodine, may be required to maintain normal cell integrity and optimum function of the mammary glands, gastric mucosa, thymus, and numerous other tissues that also concentrate iodine.

For relief of occasional sleeplessness

The relaxing properties of three standardized botanicals are combined in one capsule intended for nighttime use.

A versatile prebiotic formula to optimize gut microflora, improve bowel function, and support the immune system

NaturalKera Biogen is a distinctive formulation of soluble dietary fiber with prebiotic activities that stimulates growth of colonic populations of beneficial bacteria and enhances gastrointestinal and systemic immune function in multiple ways. BiotaGen R combines chicory inulin and oligofructose, highly effective prebiotics, with the immunomodulating actions of larch arabinogalactan and purified yeast beta-glucan.

Mineral only blend

Supplies a balanced mix of essential minerals and trace elements for situations that may call for minerals without added vitamins or other nutrients.

HFR (Hot Flash Relief)
For hot flashes during menopause

NaturalBotanicals that assist hormone balance and support capillary integrity often work well to control hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms experienced by women during menopause. HFR influences several mechanisms associated with hot flashes.


Broad-Acting 10-Species probiotic formula offers comprehensive benefits for the healthy function of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Kera Pro maintains a healthy, balanced intestinal microflora, promotes normal gastrointestinal function, synthesize B vitamins and vitamin K, facilitates nutrient and mineral absorption, and supports normal intestinal and systemic immune functions.

A multi-botanical and nutrient formula that supports prostate and urinary functions

Saw palmetto is highly useful for support of prostate function in adult men, and so area number of other plant extracts and nutrients. Four botanical extracts with recognized roles in prostate health are combined in Kera-Pros to augment the actions of multivitamin formulas along with key trace elements and lycopene creating a highly beneficial prostate-support program. These ingredients influence testosterone metabolism and promote a favorable balance with dihydrotestosterone, help reduce an age-related decline in prostaglandin production, and help maintain normal cell and tissue functions. Crenitin flower pollen extract contributes a unique, natural spectrum of amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes and has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be particularly beneficial for prostate and urinary function.

Assists nitric oxide synthesis

Increased demands for L-Arginine, a conditional essential amino acids, can occur during physical stress or illness. L-Arginine supports growth hormone metabolism, tissue repair, energy metabolism, and nitric oxide synthesis.

Suggested Use: 1 to 6 capsules daily

Natural, non-stimulant clinically shown to reduce carb calories

carbohydrates are often maligned for those trying to lose weight. Yet, avoiding starchy foods is very difficult for many patients. Complex carbohydrates are an important nutritional component of a healthy diet that adds dietary fiber, B-vitamins, and trace elements. Diets too low in carbohydrates can depress serotonin levels and mood. Too often, patients resort to fatty or sugary foods to feel satiated. With Kera-Slim, patients can eat bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and other complex carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet, yet limit their caloric contribution.

Perfect for kids and adults

Kera Vit Chewable

Kera Vit Chewable

These chewable multi-vitamin and mineral wafers are ideal for children and adults who have hard time swallowing pills. Two tablets provide three times the RDA for vitamin C and E, twice the RDA for most B-vitamins and easy to absorb minerals. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweetening agents. Samples for taste evaluation provided on request.

Suggested Use: Children age 4 and over: Chew 2 tablets per day with meals, Adults: Chew 2 tablets, once or twice daily with meals.


This moderate potency multiple vitamin/mineral/trace element supplement is provided in just two tablets or capsules daily, yet provides significant amounts of essential nutrients in well-utilized forms. Compared to common, over-the-counter multivitamin products delivered in one tablet daily, Kera-Vit Ultra enhanced antioxidant production, broader trace element nutrition, and augmented B-vitamin provides an extra measure of additional protection that can be recommended for daily use.

3 mg vegetarian capsules

Melatonin’s role in maintaining normal sleep/wake cycles is well known. Supplemental melatonin is often needed to replace the body’s declining production that may occur with increasing age.

Supports intestinal immune function



Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body, helps form other amino acids, glucose, protein, and glutathione. Glutamine is stored in the muscles and is the primary metabolic fuel for the cells of the small intestine, fibroblasts, and the immune system. Supplementation with glutamine can help support gut cell proliferation and mucosal integrity, resulting in decreased intestinal permeability and risk of systemic infections.

Sustained-Release formula

This sustained-release formulation delivers melatonin slowly over several hours to maintain blood levels for a longer period of time.

Broad-acting multi-enzyme formula

A broad-spectrum enzyme formulation for routine daily use as needed, Kera-Zyme is a synergistic blend of 13 vegetarian enzymes that can assist breakdown of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fibers. DPP-IV activity specific for breakdown of gluten and casien peptides is included. The enzymes in Kera-Zyme provide maintenance-level support for individuals who require enzyme supplementation to support digestive and intestinal health. Mid-range amounts of lactase (dairy/lactose-specific) and alpha-galactosidase (legume-specific) are included so that individuals who have difficulty with these foods can increase the number of capsules taken, while those who do not have problems with these foods are not paying for expensive enzyme activity that is not required. Use of plant-based and microbial enzymes in this formulation provides multi-enzyme activity that continues to function within the broad range of pH conditions (pH of 2 to 12) found throughout the intestinal tract.

Focused support for mitochondrial energy production

One of the most overlooked factors underlying the body’s aging process is dysfunction of cellular mitochondria. The ability of mitochondria to sustain the high energy demands of the brain, liver, heart, muscles, endocrines glands, and other tissues can be compromised by many factors, including exposure to toxins, inadequate antioxidant intake, illness, genetic factors, and a decline in cellular function with increasing age. The accumulated effects of oxidative damage can disrupt mitochondrial membranes and damage lipids, DNA, and proteins, resulting in suboptimal functioning of affected organ systems.

Mito Support supplies key nutrients and energy substrates to protect against free radical damage and assist mitochondria in performing their critical functions most efficiently. Magnesium malate, sodium succinate, coenzyme Q10 , creatine monohydrate, and acetyl-L-carnitine each support energy pathways in complementary ways. N-acetyl-L-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, grape flavonoids, quercetin, coenzyme Q10, and acetyl-L-carnitine enhance cellular antioxidant defenses. Lecithin provides phospholipids to help support membrane fluidity.

Well-tolerated, Glycine-bound form

Magnesium helps convert carbohydrates, protein, and fats to energy, acts as a catalyst in thousands of enzymatic processes, regulates and maintains vascular tone, helps prevent calcification of soft tissue, and is critical to proper bone formation. It regulates calcium and potassium metabolism, facilitates muscle constriction, and relaxation, and assists in nerve transmission and conduction. For optimal absorption, this formulation uses magnesium combined with amino acid glycine to create a unique chelated compound that is highly bioavailable and well tolerated by even the most sensitive individuals.

Supports the body’s natural response to inflammation and allergens

Quercetin-Bromelain Forte provides a mixture of proteolytic enzymes and bioflavonoids that help regulate the immune response during inflammation as may occur during exposure to allergenic substances or irritants. Quercetin is a potent bioflavonoid that protects cells and tissues against free radical damage. Bromelain, papain, and pancreatin provide a mixture of protein-specific and other enzymes that help ensure proper breakdown of protein molecules that may otherwise cause tissue irritation or allergic responses. Vitamin C, buffered with magnesium to eliminate acidity, supports histamine metabolism, detoxification processes, and collagen synthesis. Quercetin-Bromelain Forte is often useful for individuals susceptible to allergens that affect the respiratory system.

Suggested Use: 2 tablets up to 4 times daily. Do not take if allergic to pork or sensitive to pineapple or papaya.

Sustained-Release Niacin

Slow release of niacin over several hours help avoid the uncomfortable flushing action of this B-vitamin so that its full benefits on cholesterol metabolism can be obtained.

Suggested Use: 1 tablet daily with food


Provides three natural sulfur-containing compounds important o the body’s anti-oxidant defense mechanisms

N-acetyl-L-cysteine is a valuable precursor for intracellular glutathione production. L-glutathione, a tripeptide containing L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine, provides extracellular antioxidant action. The amino acid taurine is a cell membrane stabilizer found in high amounts in heart, skeletal muscle, brain, and retina.

A multi-botanical and nutrient formula that supports prostate and urinary functions

Saw palmetto is highly useful for support of prostate function in adult men, and so are a number of other plant extracts and nutrients. Four botanical extracts with recognized roles in prostate health are combined in Prosta-Support along with key trace elements and lycopene creating a highly beneficial prostate-support program. These ingredients influence testosterone metabolism and promote a favorable balance with dihydrotestosterone, help reduce an age-related decline in prostaglandin production, and help maintain normal cell and tissue functions. Cernitin flower pollen extract contributes a unique, natural spectrum of amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, nucleic acid, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes and has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be particularly beneficial for prostate and urinary function.

Natural source as MK-7

Recent evidence indicates several important functions for vitamin K beyond its role in blood coagulation, including benefits for bone health and vascular function. Supplies natural vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone-7 (MK-7), which ha s the longest half-life in the body compared to other forms of vitamin K. This vitamin K2 extract is free of soy protein for maximum tolerance by those sensitive to soy. Suggested Use: 1 capsule daily with food

A powerful, unique yeast probiotic

Saccharomyces boulardii is a non-pathogenic, transient yeast long used for diarrhea or dysentery. It is a hardy, acid resistant, temperature tolerant microorganism that is not affected by antibacterial agents. S. Boulardii is genetically and functionally distinct from brewer’s yeast (S. Cerevisiae) and different from pathogenic Candida species.

S. Boulardii increases the activities of intestinal brush border enzymes such as disaccharidases, a-glucosidases, alkaline phosphatases, and aminopeptidases. It secretes a leucine aminopeptidase that appears to support against allergies to dietary proteins following acute gastroenteritis. S. Boulardii augments the intestinal absorption of D-glucose coupled with sodium that may enhance uptake of water and electrolytes during diarrhea. It increases stool concentrations of short-chain fatty acidsthat nourish colon mucosal cells. S. S. Boulardii modulates immunity by boosting intestinal secretion of IgA and increasing crypt cell immunoglobulin receptors. It inhibits inflammatory cytokine pathways and secretes a factor that blocks C. Difficile toxin A activities.


Vitamin D is inadequate in many individuals and daily need appears to be higher than previously thought. Vitamin D’s role in calcium metabolism and bone health is well known. However, it has many other important physiologic roles that are not as well appreciated. Vitamin D receptors are widely distributed in the body, including colon, prostate, breast and ovary, where it acts to inhibit the excessive growth of body cells and tissues and help cells mature normally. Adequate amounts of vitamin D, an essential, fat-soluble vitamin, come from consistent exposure to sunshine and are difficult to obtain from dietary sources. Postmenopausal women, older individuals, and those with malabsorption, limited sun exposure, or certain ill nesses may need higher intakes of vitamin D.

5-HTP (100MG)