Functional Medicine

06Our philosophy in treating any patient regardless of the patient being a medical or dental, is the ” whole patient” approach. We believe that the simplistic models of health and disease that have been practiced for many years may no longer be accurate or very useful. We believe that there are interconnections of many mechanisms such as biochemical, neurological, immunological, hormonal, physical, mechanical, psychological, environmental and mind & spirit in any disease processes. Any imbalance amongest these mechanisms could result in for a person to feel ill. Therefore we apply ” Functional Medicine Principals” in treating all of our patients. These includes:

  • Environmental Inputs (e.g. diet, nutrition, exercise, trauma)
  • Mind & Spirit ( emotion & community)
  • Oxidative Stress & Energy Production
  • Gasterointestinal Status
  • Detoxification(cleansing)
  • Immune & Inflammatory Balance
  • Structural imbalance (osteopathic manipulations)
  • Hormons & Neurotransmitters interconnections

All of the above principals should be addressed in order to accurately and efficiently obtain optimum health. It has to be a customized treatment plan for every individual based on the needs of the person.

Intravenous Nutritional Support

medicalWe use variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, anti aging and immune boosting agents tailored to the specific needs of a healthy individual or an ill person. Dr. Keramati cocktails ( DR.K’s Cocktails) were used and have been very beneficial for our patients with cancers, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma, chronic fatigue syndromes, chronic pain disorder, variety of skin disorders, influenza or other respiratory disorders, oral cavity diseases or immunologically challenged patients for many years. We are very excited so far with the results. These intravenous solutions have been designed based on sound biochemical considerations with the least adverse reactions. We have used over 30 compounded nutritional and anti oxidant agents with the most effect at the molecular level in the cell. Each different cocktail will be infused to the patient after a full physical exam and a blood and urine analysis.

Chelation Therapy

08This therapy could be useful for eliminating the heavy metals ( e.g. Mercury, Lead etc.), removing calcium deposits on the arterial or venous walls of heart, improving claudication of the legs vessels. We use EDTA as a chelating agent. In order to have such a treatment the patient needs to have a full physical exam, EKG analysis, blood and urine evaluation and kidney’s function prior to the start of therapy. Patient also will need subsequent replenishment with the essential and trace elements after each intravenous infusion.

Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy (Sclerotherapy) for Pain Relief and regeneration of the Ligaments and tendons in the Neck, Shoulders, Elbow, Wrists, Hands,Vertebral Columns, Back, Hips, Sacroilliac Joints, Knees, Ankels and feet.

09This is an injection therapy to treat ligaments, joint capsules, and tendinous injuries. It is used to stimulate prololiferation of new connective tissues at the site of injury thereby restoring strength to the injured and weakened connective tissues. This treatment requires inducing a controlled inflammatory response which is the opposite of using steroids(cortisone). In fact we seldom use steroids except in life threatening situations or in cases of non responders to prolotherapy. We have been using prolotherapy with great success in treating head & neck pain; Upper and lower back pain; shoulder, elbow and wrist pain; hip, knee and ankle pain; rib,vertebral column or sacroilliac joint’s pain( siatica pain). Usually several injections are needed with very few discomfort on the patient. The results have been very encouraging.

Osteopathic and Craniosacral Manipulations

10We use theses modalities for treating a variety of vascular headaches (e.g. Migrain, cluster and Tension headaches), different neuro-muscular pain and restoring the homeostasis of the body therefore restoring health by stimulating the innate ability of body for self healing.

All Aspects of Family Medicine

11Preventive Medicine, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholestrol, Asthma, Gasterointestinal Dysfunction, Allergies, Gout, Osteoprosis, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Constipation, Skin Problems etc.

Women ‘s Health

12Annual female exam including Pap Smear, Mammography, Breast MRI and Thermography. We offer bio-identical hormone therapy which requires the patient to have full physical, EKG, blood and urine evaluation and hormone measurements prior to initiation of therapy.

Annual Check-Ups

13Physical exams, Medical clearance where required, preoperative exam.

Evaluation of Toxic Materials in your Body, measuring Levels of Metal Toxicity, Chemical Sensitivity and Metabolism of your Body (Through serum, urine and hair analysis.)

Toxic material can increase the risks of diseases as they can be damaging either by causing or accelerating:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Accelerated aging
  • Accelerated degeneration
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Chronic pain disorders
  • Chronic fatigue disorders