Pre and Probiotics

There are lots of studies and discussions on the subject and probiotics and prebiotics. Let’s explore what each one of these terms mean and why we may benefit from using foods and/or supplements which contain these products.
Our gut, more specifically our large intestines, contain both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help regulate our digestive system. Almost 80% of our immune system is also supported through our digestive tract. Therefore, there is great evidence we can benefit from these good and helpful bacteria. This is where the role of Probiotics becomes significant.
The good bacteria in themselves need a source of fuel to continue with their beneficial role in our bodies. This is where the role of Prebiotics becomes significant.
Our bodies tend to suffer most when there is a disturbance between the good and bad bacteria. This disturbance in the balance can be due to metabolic reactions, infections, or medications administered. Inflammation in our bodies when none is needed for bodily functions, infectious diarrhea, and diarrhea associated with antibiotic use are some causes respectively. Inflammation in our bodies can lead to chronic problems and illnesses, whereas infections and medication use can cause acute discomforts.
Chronic illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema, repetitive urinary tract infections without an external cause, indigestion and inefficient motility of food, suboptimal oral health and vaginal health to name a few are alleviated with bringing back the balance of good and bad bacteria by Probiotics.
Probiotics such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, supply the good bacteria to the gut so that the body may decrease it’s inflammation and get the chronic illness under control. Furthermore, Probiotics also provide a physical barrier to inhibit harmful bacteria in the gut to get absorbed in the body and cause a wider range of problems. Probiotics also supply the good bacteria when the body is depleted of them by infectious diarrheas or diarrheas due to antibiotic use.
The above information definitely warrant the use of Pobiotics, but a few questions arise, as to the role of Prebiotics, the reason for the need to take these supplement, and if oral supplements will be beneficial.
Prebiotics are the food supply for Probiotics. They are the fiber material not digestible by humans but only of use to bacteria. It is best to take these supplements before probiotics.
Probiotics to summarize are beneficial for chronic disease, allergies, decreasing internal organ inflammation, moving food more effectively though the intestinal tract, and supporting the immune system.
Our food sources have changed throughout years and we do not get all the material needed in for our bodies. There are foods fortified with Pro or Pre biotic but not enough of these foods are ingested to warrant a healthy gut and therefore, a healthy person.
Therefore using Prebiotics and Probiotics are a good investment to approach a healthy body.
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